Mortar with flow capability

Installation in areas subject to high-loading

Mortar used on load-bearing building parts necessitates the applicator’s sound knowledge and experience with the materials used. As a general rule, flow-capable mortar for the production of solid castings for moulding parts is regulated by the DAfStb Guideline.  The guideline states a  compression strength class of at least C 50/60 for the products used.

The application areas of casting grouts on building sites are wide-ranging. Besides casting grouts and reinforced concrete parts in industrial settings, in private settings gutters and metal brackets that are heavily loaded can be strengthened.

Characteristic features of casting grouts are their flow-capabilities, early strength development and swell behaviour.


Getting the mixing water ready.


Adding the entire container of powder to the water.


Mixing up the mortar with a mixing paddle.


Mixing for at least 2 minutes!


Pour into the prepared mould.


Fixing of the casting component


... and securing the part to be fitted.

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