Jointing for low loading

Jointing with pavement joint mortar 1K

The bonded construction method allows for a jointing that matches the expected loading on the top cover.

If it is mainly pedestrian traffic, as for example on terraces or garden paths, installing a single-component pavement joint mortar is the ideal solution.  Advantages here are the possibility of working in almost any weather, no need for electric power and a product that can be used right away.  

The grout may be inserted wet or dry. 

Filling in the wet mortar the joint is filled to the brim producing an optimal seal.

By pre-wetting the paving covering they are suitably saturated with water. This reduces the stones absorbing the binder agent and prevents a glossy film from being produced.

Expert Tip:

Opened containers of BOTAMENT Garden PF 1K do not have to be thrown out/disposed of – they can be sealed to last for subsequent use at a later stage. To do so, the open mortar must be made airtight by covering it with 2 to 3 cm of clean water. The container is then sealed.  


Pre-wetting the substrate until the covering is saturated.


Pouring out the paving joint mortar onto the covering.


Spreading and compacting of BOTAMENT Garden PF 1K.


Pushing the mortar into the joint and filling it completely.


Brushing off and final cleaning of the covering.

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