Jointing for medium loading

Jointing with pavement joint mortar 2K

A successful and defect-free paving installation on one hand depends on the right choice of cover type, on the other, using materials fit for the job at hand. Is the traffic loading more than just pedestrian? i.e. if there is going to be light vehicle traffic, then the joint mortar must be able to withstand that kind of loading.

Two-component systems offer the reliability of a controlled curing, coupled with higher strength development. However, the material behaviour is weather-dependent and this must be taken into consideration. High temperatures accelerate and low temperatures slow down the curing process of the components.


Adding the enclosed hardener component.


Mixing the two components together and adding water.


Pouring out the mixed up mortar onto the pre-wetted covering.


Spreading out the slurry-type joint mortar.


Brushing off and final cleaning of the covering.


Finished jointed paving surface.


Bonded and capable of drainage paving joint system

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