Laying natural stone

Multistone multifunctional natural stone and tile adhesive

Natural stone, such as granite, marble or Solnhofen slabs, can be divided by way of application area. Coverings for exterior areas have to be frost-resistant and must be sufficiently wear-and-tear resistant. Only water-tight natural stone coverings such as granite or quartzite are used in this area. To fit natural stones with low water absorption an adhesive mortar with high polymer modification is used. Natural stones with high absorbency are frequently not frost-resistant and are therefore only suited for indoor areas. Especially in sedimentary rock, penetrating water from the adhesive mortar may cause efflorescence on the surface of the slab or tile.  Efflorescence can be prevented by using rapidly setting adhesive mortars with crystalline water-binding capacity, as the stone will not be wetted to such a high degree. Most natural stones can be bought in calibrated format, as strip material in different slab thicknesses or as polygonal slabs. The type of cover determines which type of natural stone adhesive mortar is used – pourable, thin-bed or medium-bed mortar. Moreover, the type of grout and flexible joint also have to be matched to suit the application purpose in order to avoid discolouration of the covering.

The choice of laying material depends on the type of natural stone and the area of use. 

 After the substrate has been suitably prepared the adhesive mortar is mixed up and applied to the substrate. The consistency of Multistone is controlled by adding more or less mixing water. This means you are able to set Multistone to use it as a filler mortar, thin-bed, medium-bed or even as a thick-bed and even as fixing mortar. Thanks to its flow-capability it ensures an almost cavity-free installation – something that is of great importance especially when laying covers outside.


Pre-wetting the substrate.


Applying Multistone.


Tapping in the natural stones.


Laying polygonal slabs.


Jointing with MULTIFUGE.


Finished jointed natural stone.