Jointing for high loading

Jointing with cement-based pavement joint mortar

When paving using the bonded construction method, two types of joint mortars can be used: water-permeable and water-impervious systems.

Systems capable of draining directly, drain off any moisture that occurs. Water-impervious systems however direct the moisture on the surface towards central collection points.

However, such systems must not be confused as waterproofing measures.

Cement-based systems offer the reliability of a controlled curing coupled with higher strength development. This means a distinctly higher loading becomes possible compared to systems capable of drainage.


In preparation pre-wetting of the dry covering.


Pouring out the mortar.


Spreading the slurry.


Letting the joint mortar stiffen, lightly pre-clean the stone slabs from mortar remnants.


Final cleaning with spray mist of water and coconut brush.


Alternatively the surface may also be cleaned by machine.

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