Decorative stone surfaces

Decorative gravel consolidating agent

The materials used in residential settings besides natural stones, are for instance gravel and crushed mineral aggregate.

Depending on the size of the split, one distinguishes between rock flour, crusher dust, chippings, crushed stone and scrapings.

For paths and domestic surfaces gravel and chippings are predominantly used. When consolidated it is also no problem to apply them to areas on a slope.

Expert Tip:

BOTAMENT Garden KV keeps gravel and grit in shape on inclines and declines.

Furthermore, the permanent  and easy to maintain combination of various colours is possible without any problems.


Adding the resin mixture to the prepared mixture.


Mixing up the pre-cleaned chippings and adding the hardener component.


Ensuring thorough and sufficient mixing.


Pouring out and spreading the mixed up mortar.


Protecting the covering from rain and moisture during the drying process.

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