BOTAMENT Renovation

Applied by hand or machine

The brickwork repair system BOTAMENT Renovation is a new alternative system for areas that until now were repaired with traditional systems.  This product’s strengths are primarily its high diffusion capability and its durability.

The repair method used is comparable to the use of a restoration render.  First the salt-laden render is removed. Then the joints are scratched out, if possible up to a depth of 2 cm.  The new render is then applied onto this prepared substrate, layer by layer, from the preparatory mortar to the optional finishing render.  

When applying the moisture regulation render by machine, the preparatory mortar is not necessary. BOTAMENT Renovation FRP can easily be applied with standard fine plaster machines, a turbo after-mixer or an air void stator.

Expert Tip:

Method scientifically proven by the material research and testing institute at the Bauhaus University Weimar.


-       Preparing the substrate  


Manual application step 2: Net-type application of the preparatory mortar BOTAMENT RENOVATION VSM as a roughcast   


Manual application step 3:  Application of the moisture regulation render BOTAMENT RENOVATION FSP 



Manual application step 4 (optional): application of the fine plaster BOTAMENT RENOVATION FP


Machine technology


Machine application step 2: Smoothing down with a plaster (rail/float) 


Finished façade