The modular system BOTAMENT®

Botament® Instant Rescue

A flexible modular system

The modular Botament® system enables an intelligent “tuning” of the materials required in the process and gives the applicator more flexibility on site. 

What does this mean in practical terms?

The floor layer frequently only finds out on the day that the room needs completing the very same evening.

With Botament® he does then not have to go out to fetch any special fast acting filler.  If need be he can add the accelerator S 920 to the mixing water with which he mixes up his cement-based levelling compound A 220 as per usual.  

And hey presto, the high-speed levelling compound is at hand.

But that’s not the half of it: Botament® modular system can do a lot more! If the substrate is problematic, the flooring installer can also add Botament® S 910 reinforcement fibres to the filler compound. He then has a fibre-reinforced filler compound. Regardless of which system is required, the outcome will be certified in accordance with EC 1Plus and will also be Blue Angel certified.

It goes without saying that each application is also possible as a stand-alone solution, i.e. only using the levelling compound A 220, in conjunction with S 920 accelerator or only using S 910 fibres – the floor layer decides on site what’s needed.

Used together with the universal primer Botament® G 110, which is designed for both absorbent and less absorbent substrates, there's now nothing holding back the floor fitter from working ultra-efficiently - and in record time. 


Very emission-low and ever so flexible!

Whether used as single components or as a complete system, the end result of this modular system stays the same: EMICODE EC1Plus certified.





The modular Botament system helps you to address any unforeseen circumstances on site promptly and flexibly. 

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