Floor laying put into practice

Laying a wooden floor

Botament® with Blue Angel eco label and EC1+ certification

New wooden flooring improves a living space considerably, giving it a whole new look of ‘warmth & comfort’.

However, removing the existing covering is a lot of work, expensive and time-consuming. Existing adhesive residue that is firmly bonded to the substrate and does not dissolve in water can usually remain without going to the trouble of removing it or sanding it down, if the substrate is pre-treated with Botament® G 140. This fast-acting, single component PU primer prevents adverse reactions and plasticizer migrations caused by the old adhesive layers. The installation solution of Botament® offers certification in accordance with EC 1Plus, the eco label Blue Angel, plus excellent application characteristics. 


Apply Botament® G 140 with a short pile velour roller. Botament® G 140 is ideal as a migration barrier and prevents plasticizer migration of old adhesive layers


Spread Botament® A 220 with a scraper


Using a spiked aeration roller greatly improves the surface


Despite the cream-like application behaviour of Botament® P 450 with a notched trowel…


...a stable ridge formation is maintained


The open time of around 30 to 40 minutes allows you to apply a large adhesive amount to achieve a high area and fitting performance

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