Floor laying put into practice

Installing LVT coverings

Installation system 2: bonding with Botament® K 572 roll-on adhesive

Botament® K 572 is a low-emission roll-on adhesive for LVT coverings in plank or tile format that has truly earned its good reputation.   Extensive, practice-based tests based on industry standards carried out both in laboratories and on sites have established clearly visible and measurable advantages of Botament® K 572 when compared with adhesion methods that have been available up to now.

Botament® K 572 can be applied in a more ergonomic way, i.e. standing up, using a short pile velour roller. This innovative working method optimises installation output by accelerating the working progress. What’s more, this innovative roll-on adhesive is the preferred choice for applicators as it doesn’t put any strain on backs or knees!

With a long open time in excess of two hours it is easily possible to apply around 50 m² of roll-on adhesive in one go. Thanks to the low layer quantity of just 200g/m² that needs to be applied, adhesive compression under loading is prevented.  Priming of the areas to be bonded becomes obsolete. 


Botament® K 572 meets all standard requirements (in accordance with DIN  14259) as regards mechanical performance of adhesives.  The required peel strength of 1.0 N/mm for example is improved 2 ½ times over, which means a shear strength of 0.5 N/mm² is clearly met. At the same time, the dimensional change after several cycles inside the heating cabinet lies within the specification margin of 0.2 %.


Apply Botament® K 572 with a short pile velour roller


Insert the covering into the aerated adhesive layer 


After insertion press down with a floor roller   




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