The modular system BOTAMENT®

BOTAMENT® Instant Rescue

Accelerator BOTAMENT® S 920

This filler compound becomes a high-speed product by adding Botament® S 920 accelerator, which brings about a hydraulic setting.  After just one hour's time it is possible to lay down a carpet onto the surface, and PVC coverings can be fitted after just 90 minutes.

Handling couldn’t be easier: the accelerator is added in with the mixing water, which has no impact on how the filler compound is used, nor does it affect the mixing ratio. Naturally, the system is also certified in accordance with EC 1PLus when used in combination. 


Mixing bucket and measuring bucket to mix up the perfect Botament® levelling compounds


Prepare an exact volumetric dosing of the mixing water


Add the Botament® S 920 accelerator, measured to suit one sack, to the mixing water 


Botament® A 220 dem Anmachwasser zugeben und die Ausgleichsmasse klumpenfrei anrühren. Alle zementären Botament® Ausgleichsmassen sind staubreduziert

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