MULTIFUGE Diamond from Botament

multi-purpose grout that‘s super easy to use



Multifuge® Diamond is a multi-purpose 2K reactive resin joint mortar for wall and floor coverings in in- terior and exterior areas. Due to its revolutionary colour-fastness the product is, in addition to the more typical applications found in industry and the general property market, also highly suitable for use with more demanding cover materials, such as are needed in wellness and spa facilities or in exhibition areas.

  • Versatile use
  • KTW / KSW-approved
  • Very high chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Sehr hoch belastbar
  • Revolutionary colour-fastness

Colour: Stardust (No. 80)

Colour: White (No. 10)

Colour: Grey (No. 24)

Colour: Charcoal (Nr. 26)

Colour: Silvergrey (No. 16)

Colour: Coacoa (No. 38)

Colour: Sandgrey (No. 15)

Ideal field of application for Multifuge Diamond


Commercial and industrial areas

High area coverage even if tiles have profiled backs 

Whether industrial kitchen, laboratories, car wash facilities or food processing industry – Multifuge Diamond defies the strongest me- chanical and chemical stresses around. It is in particular the ease with which it can be applied and spread – just like cream – that allows for a rather rapid installation.

But best of all: joint grout residue can simply be washed off the tile after grouting is complete, using nothing but cold water! 


Fitting as fast and easily as never before!


  • Spreads as easy as cream
  • High mechanical and chemical load capability
  • Can easily be washed off with cold water


Private living spaces and wet rooms

Accomplished colour brilliance

Matching dark joints with dark tiles – thanks to the great colour- fastness of Multifuge Diamond this high-performance joint mortar is particularly well suited for use with darker-coloured tiles. Sophi- sticated ceramic wall tiles or maybe even stylish glass mosaics are thus made to shine and are installed to last.

Totally colour-fast, regardless of what happens.

  • Revolutionary colour-fastness
  • Particularly suited for dark covers
  • High resistance against cleaning agents



Swimming pools and wellness areas

Passed the most stringent hygiene tests


Permanent moisture provides the ideal living conditions for mould and microorganisms. Specially selected raw materials ensure that or- ganisms that pose a hazard to health cannot grow or thrive. As a result this special joint mortar is ideal for grouting swimming pools, drinking water tanks, showers and all those areas where hygiene is of the utmost importance.



Simply unbeatable when it comes to hygiene!

  • Tested for use with drinking water and swimming pool structures in accordance with DVGW W 270
  • German drinking water ap- proval [KTW / KSW-tested]
  • Ideal for spa and wellness areas

Balconies and terraces

Next Generation: straight onto the waterproofing system

Sitting on one‘s balcony or terrace, relaxing - there‘s nothing better! Now fitting new covers on balconies or terraces has become simpler and more reliable than ever before, by combining Multifuge Dia- mond and Terrachamp from Botament. Tiles may be fitted directly onto the waterproofing system on balconies and terraces where the length of the slope to drains is restricted to 1.80 m. Larger-sized tiles can still be fitted, too.



The perfect symbiosis between two systems.

  • Low construction height
  • High efflorescence protection
  • Fitting without the need for the combined method

Material data

Material basis 2-component epoxy resin system
Colours White (No. 10)
Sandgrey (No. 15)
Silvergrey (No. 16)
Grey (No. 24)
Charcoal (No. 26)
Coacao (No. 38)
Stardust (No. 80)
Packaging 4 kg Unit
2.71 kg component (A)
1.29 kg component (B)
Storage frost free, cool and dry at least 12 months in its original sealed container
Mixing ratio 95 (A) : 45 (B)
Working time ~ 30 minutes
Walkable after ~ 24 hours
Ready to receive mechanical loading after ~ 3 days
Ready to receive chemical loading after ~ 7 days
Application and substrate temperaturer + 10 °C to + 25 °C


  • Versatile use possibilities - whether private, commercial or industrial
  • Revolutionary colour-fastness even in darker shades
  • Tested in accordance with the most stringent hygiene guidelinces: has the German KTW/KSW drinking water approval
  • Very high chemical and mechanical loading capability
  • Joint widths 2 – 10 mm
  • Simple processing – easy to wash off with cold water
  • Tested for use with drinking water and swimming pool structures in accordance with DVGW W 270
  • High abrasion resistance

Application Areas:

  • Swimming pools, wellness areas, steam rooms and showers
  • Balcony and terrace coverings (using the BOTAMENT® Terrachamp system)
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Food and drinks sector
  • Chemical industry
  • Car and truck wash facilitiesl