Botament Trailer on site

The Botament brand stands for close and trusting cooperation with the craftsman. To live up to this promise, our central statement “With confidence” is an expression of our holistic philosophy. Serving our customers and securing the future is what we create through real value in construction. We follow these guidelines with our brand, our daily work and the close relationship with our partners.


Botament Trailer on site

Botament supports you at customer events on site.
The campaign trailers can be used, for example, at open days, craftsmen’s breakfasts, workshops, anniversaries and much more. The promotion trailers can be individually equipped for practical demonstrations depending on the main topic.
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A large screen allows the playback of application movies. Practical demonstrations can take place on the large indoor area regardless of the weather. Shelters for spectators are also available in case of adverse weather conditions. Standing and seating areas for visitors round off the respective event concepts on sunny days.
Due to the installed refrigerators and quivers, the right drink is at hand for every weather situation.

We would be happy to come to your event.

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