Botament upgrades

Already in 2020 Botament put on a new presentation trailer. Within just five months, the former police trailer was transformed into an eight-meter mobile presentation stand. This is used at information days, craftsmen’s breakfasts, open days and other events.

The trailer generated so much enthusiasm that Botament has now upgraded: Four more presentation trailers joined the existing ones. Each sales area received a hanger. Due to short distances, they are quickly on site at the customer and can be used directly: The assembly requires only a few minutes. Customers can book the new trailers directly with Botament for their events. In compact form, they bring everything customers need for product demonstrations, hands-on advice and hospitality. According to the motto: Anyone can do a roll-up and a pavilion! In addition to the practical catering unit, the trailer, which comfortably seats several people, includes a consulting table, several standing tables, information material and a multifunction TV on which application films are shown and presentations are held. Practical system setups or sample boards for product demonstrations are also possible at the customer’s request.

By upgrading its fleet, Botament can be much more flexible in meeting customers’ theme and scheduling needs.

The presentation hanger can be booked easily via contact[at]