Botament step collar: new detailed solution for waterproofing the modern shower area.

Botament has developed a new detailed solution for sealing the modern shower area: The step collar is a factory-made sealing collar that securely seals the sensitive point at the boundary between the sloping screed in the shower area and the horizontally laid screed in the rest of the bathroom with height offset to the rising shower back wall.

To date, attempts have often been made to shape this detail by making sometimes risky cuts in the sealing tape and increasing the use of liquid sealants. However, the layer thicknesses resulting from sealing tape overlaps and increased waterproofing quantity have a negative effect on the subsequent tile installation.

However, with Botament’s new step collar, this area can be rationally and safely sealed.

The new product is available in various heights from 12 mm to 20 mm and is available for the right or left connection side.