BOTAMENT ATE MAX: The multifunctional waterproofing, impact sound insulation and decoupling membrane

With ATE Max, Botament presents a novel, extremely flat 3-in-1 membrane for use under tile and natural stone floor coverings in interior and exterior applications. The in-house development of the specialist for system building materials combines the functions of waterproofing, decoupling and impact sound reduction and scores with easy processing.

With its particularly low installation height of only 1.8 millimeters and a weight per unit area of only 850 g/m², the new Botament ATE Max is ideally suited for the elastic decoupling of rigid coverings. Their three-stage structure consists of an impact sound-reducing layer of polyester fleece, an intermediate membrane of modified polyethylene and a top layer of inlaid polypropylene fleece. Channels communicating with each other on the intermediate membrane ensure efficient stress relief between the coating and the substrate.

The low material thickness and the associated malleability ensure reliable compensation of stresses, even for critical and young substrates. On young cement screed, installation is possible as soon as it can be walked on. The special crack-bridging properties of ATE Max ensure a high level of safety, even in the event of stresses caused by temperature fluctuations.

Botament ATE Max has a sound-absorbing effect and reduces the impact sound of the floor coverings glued to it. The impact sound improvement value under ceramic coverings based on DIN EN ISO 140-8 is up to 10 dB. The novel 3-in-1 membrane is also waterproof tested for water exposure classes W0-I to W3-I and protects moisture-sensitive substrates. Therefore, their use is recommended not only for indoor use, but also for outdoor use on terraces and balconies.

The new multifunctional ATE Max track simplifies the application in several ways. It can be easily cut and then glued to the substrate. Here it is characterized by low adhesive consumption. When using a quick-setting adhesive, for example BOTAMENT M 21 HP Speed, ceramic or natural stone coverings can be applied after only 90 minutes. This ensures a fast work sequence.