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61. D 12   D 12 Deep silification / Anti-porosity treatment BOTAMENT® is a special primer for the consolidation of porous and dry cement-based substrates in interior and exterior areas. The product is also used  
62. DE Thin-Decoupling Membrane   DE Thin-Decoupling Membrane   The BOTAMENT DE Thin Decoupling Membrane is used for the reduction of stress between coverings made of ceramic tiles as well as natural stones and the substrate in  
63. GARDEN KV   GARDEN KV Gravel cover consolidating agent BOTAMENT Garden KV is a binder agent on a synthetic resin basis for the slip-resistant solidification of standard ballast and deco gravel.  
64. GARDEN DM   GARDEN DM Drainage Mortar BOTAMENT Garden DM is a trass-cement-based dry mortar for the production of water-permeable and hydraulically bound base layers for laying natural stones and paving  
65. GARDEN PF 2K   GARDEN PF 2K Pavement joint mortar 2 parts BOTAMENT Garden PF 2 parts is a 2 component reaction resin mortar developed by the manufacturer with a defined mineral grain mixture which features a  
66. GARDEN PF 1K   GARDEN PF 1K Pavement joint mortar 1 part BOTAMENT Garden PF 1 part is suitable for the jointing of garden paths, in entrances of homes, on terraces with pedestrian traffic and of private  
67. GS 98   GS 98 Glass-fibre fabric Used as a reinforcement lining for waterproofing in accordance with DIN 18195 and for substrates at risk of cracking. It is inserted into the BOTAMENT® thick coatings.  
68. Renovation FP   Renovation FP Moisture control finishing render BOTAMENT Renovation FP is a diffusion-open moisture regulation render for interior and exterior areas, applied either as a smooth or a textured  
69. RK   RK Pipe boxing Ready-made pipe boxing cladding made from BOTAMENT® BP building board for quick and easy assembly.  
70. RS Edge insulation strips   RS Edge insulation strips   BOTAMENT® RS Edge Insulation Strips serve to prevent acoustic bridging and induced stresses between levelling compounds and thin-bed systems and the subsequent building  
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